White Haven Beach Resort

Schematic Design

The proposed extension of a beach resort in Sarangani is a logical response to the natural environment and desired atmosphere of the resort.

The architecture is contemporary but rooted in heritage. The roof structure is prominent and welcoming. The fenestration at the facade welcomes the environment into the structure. It can be easily operated to control the passage of both sun and breeze.

The stairs detached from the building by a courtyard is the access to the upper units. Each unit can be combined and divided via a sliding partition. The lower units can be fully opened at front, allowing indoor-outdoor gathering. The second floor units are more private.

The main structure is made of concrete, finished in lime wash. Local solid wood will be used for the roof framing, corrugated steel for the roofing, and bamboo for the lattice work. The flooring is made of polished concrete.

The structure may appear in contrast with the white sand and blue water, but its atmosphere will give a sense of association, lightness and peace.
White Haven Beach Resort by Platform 21 Architecture
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