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Concrete Garden House by Platform 21 Architecture presents a thoughtful integration of architecture and nature in the heart of Manila‘s urban landscape. Designed as a single-story residence for a couple and their canine companions, this open-plan dwelling seamlessly merges with its tropical surroundings, embodying a serene oasis amidst the city’s density.

BluPrint Magazine's Feature Article on Platform 21 Architecture

"In the 21st century, functional objects can also be as beautiful as artwork. In the current times, it’s not enough that a structure looks beautiful and distinctive. It must also be filled with context and can last through time while still keeping in touch with the location’s culture. Platform 21 Architecture is one of those firms that practice this design approach through the production of eye-catching contemporary projects. Platform 21 is the result of shortening the phrase, “Platform for 21st Century Architecture”. In its name alone, the firm presents itself as a stage for those contemporary structures that stand for the present."

BluPrint - March 2, 2020

ArchDaily - May 12, 2020

Archello - May 15, 2020

Platform 21's "Silong" is selected as one of the Outstanding Entries in the 2016 Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (MADE) Architecture Recognition Program.

MADE Architecture 2016's Outstanding Entry, "Silong", is included in the book 'Blueprints for 2050', a visioning exercise for the Philippines featuring 25 designs of 100+ architects.

MADE Architecture 2014's Entry, "Manila Petroform", is included in BluPrint Magazine's 50+ Unbuilt Projects - Volume 6 2014.

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