Thermal Baths of Curinga - Museum

Reuse the Thermae 2024 - Competition Entry

Paesaggio Struttura - Landscape Structure

Historically adapted to the Imperial Era as an influential space for dynamic socio-cultural interplay, the Thermal Baths of Acconia was a display of architectural mastery in its time, and a fascinating archaeological relic waiting to be explored profoundly by visitors today. While significant portions of the bathhouse– such as the main walls of its Frigidarium, Tepidarium, and Caldarium can still be carefully defined, the entirety of its building form and other space functions are unfortunately no longer recognizable.

The proposal aims to musealize the ruins by deliberately utilizing its structural components as both the design attraction and a spatial organization tool for allowing visitors to heavily appreciate, explore, and study its remains.

The hexagonal form of the design, which denotes invitation, aids in facilitating the user’s movement from the amphitheater, towards the gallery and the platforms, to the shop and cafe. With visual connectivity in mind, interior spaces are oriented towards the ruins, while a view deck allows for an extensive view of the ruins from the road. To exude the essence and past use of the bathhouse, a central water feature is displayed as part of the design, while the existing grounds serve as exhibition area.

The proposal, a Landscape Structure, is partially submerged, not only to take advantage of the site’s existing excavated grade for the visitors to be in appropriate level with the ruins, but also for the creation of a green roof that would essentially become a visual extension of the site’s landscape. A stone riprap wall is also integrated into the design as means to reinforce the excavated grade and protect the ruins from external factors. Additionally, a platform on stilts that would allow for comprehensive access to all portions of the ruins and serve as a barrier for its protection as well.

With a newly formed typology that relies on its ability to accentuate the Thermal Baths of Acconia, the proposal is designed to be a structure that does not outshine the ruins, but rather, compliments its remains.

Thermal Baths of Curinga - Musuem by Platform 21 Architecture
Thermal Baths of Curinga - Musuem by Platform 21 Architecture
Thermal Baths of Curinga - Musuem by Platform 21 Architecture
Thermal Baths of Curinga - Musuem by Platform 21 Architecture

Project Team

Agatha Rodis
Philip Mendoza
Toby Penaflorida
Francine Mamaril

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